Friday, August 28, 2015

Royal Date by Sariah Wilson

Title: Royal Date
Author: Sariah Wilson
Genera: Romance, New Adult
Publisher: Kindle Press

My Ratings: 4.5 STARS

I had recently received an email from Amazon one day, informing me about their new program Kindle Scout. It is a place where writers can place their books on this site and other Amazon members can come and vote for our favorites. The winners would then get their books published from Amazon and the people who voted for them will get a free copy of that book. After reading the blurp for this book, I immediately voted for it, knowing this was going to be a winner and... so it was. 

About a week later, I received another email from Amazon telling me that Royal Date had won and was going to be published, I was beyond thrilled. After a month has passed and I still hadn't gotten my copy, I was quite sad. However, a few days later, I got a email telling me I can get my copy now. After the process of logging in and downloading, I started to read. And can I just say that I loved this book! 

This book was truly magical. I was so into the characters and the world that I read the whole thing in one sitting! As a kid, I have always loved the story of Cinderella. I used to dream of a Prince Charming coming to my house, knocking on my front door and giving me a bouquet of yellow roses (yes, yellow). Ah, such childish fantasies. Anywho, back to the story. 

The way the author wrote this modern Cinderella story is just really entertaining and fun. It's one of those book where you are sitting there reading and realize that you are smiling. I think what I liked most about this book was that it felt real. The main character was relatable and genuine and a lot of fun (plus she likes to read). What I liked most about her was that she didn't want the Prince at first. She isn't a gold digger and she isn't fake. That is what made her a great Cinderella.

Unlike the Disney Cinderella, which gave little girls high expectations for boys; this book gives women a high expectation for men. *Sigh* My standards keeps on rising. 

All in all, this was a great modern retake on Cinderella and I highly recommend this book people who believe that sometimes, fairy-tales do come true.

Happy Reading,
Natasha Morriston