Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Title: Snow Like Ashes (book 1)
Author: Sara Raasch
Genera: YA, Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure
Publisher: Blazer + Bray (Harper Publishers)

My Rating; 4.5 STARS

             Recently I have seen a lot of hype on the second book of Snow Like Ashes trilogy called Ice Like Fire. I saw the cover for the first book and I loved it! *see the cover above* So I read the blurp and was totally intrigued by it. So when my friend who had read SLA, sent me a link to win a ARC copy of book 2, I entered.
*ARC are Advance Readers Copies (for more info, read my other blog post called ARCS!)
And so, after entering and knowing how impossible that if was for me to win with 1000+ other people entering, I for got all about this contest. And so about a week or so after the contest ended, I got in my mail a package... from Harper Publishers... That's when I remembered entering the contest for ILF and I freaked out. So I hurriedly ripped open the package and there it was, the second book to the Snow Like Ashes trilogy. Lets just say that I was super excited.
*It should be noted that I have not read the first book yet*
And so, since I had an ARC of book 2, I know I had to read book one so that I can review book two.   *Because that's what you do when you get ARCS, you review the book*
So I an up to my room, grabbed the first book
*I had borrowed Snow Like Ashes from the library two weeks before I got the Ice Like Fire ARC* and began to read. And boy was it good.
               This book is about this land where 8 kingdoms reign. There are the Seasons and the Rhythm kingdoms. The main character Meira is from the kingdom of Winter which was taken over by the Spring kingdom. So her and 7 other survivors try to reunite this magical locket to restore the power that can be used to get their kingdom and their people back from the Spring's King. Basically, this is a book about trying to save a lost kingdom from the hands of another kingdom + magic + a love triangle (yes, because apparently a book cant be YA if there is no love triangle) + PLOT TWISTS (ohhhhh i should have see it coming, I felt SOOO Stupid when it happened cause the author hinted at it like a THOUSAND times! UGH!).
               What I liked: So what I really liked about this book is that though there is a love triangle, it is NOT the main point of the story. It is just.... there.... which was nice since I was tired of reading books where the girl was always saying  "how beautiful his face is" or "the way his lips danced on my skin" or "he makes my heart flutter, a feeling I have never felt before" BLAH BLAH BLAH. I mean seriously, if I wanted to read all that, I'd read Romeo and Juliet! No, this girl was BAD ASS! I mean she was trained as a solider since she was young so she knows how to kick butt! She has this weapons that she throws that can cut of people's heads or limbs. Seriously, is no girly girl or love sick puppy, she is freaking BOSS!
                What I didn't like: NOTHING! I don't think there was anything that I didn't like except maybe it too short! So I am so glad that I got the ARC for the second book cause I would have hated to have read book 1 when it came out and wait a whole year for book 2, like that would have sucked!
                All in all, this was a really great YA fantasy book and I am super excited to read the second book in this trilogy!
               *Comment below if you have read this book and what you thought of it/ what you liked/disliked!*

Happy Reading,
Natasha Morriston